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PC gamers, what's your favorite console?

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3 years ago#61
Playstation 2
3 years ago#62
How the hell is the PS2 not on here, but the freaking GameCube is?
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3 years ago#63
Love my PS3 and Wii.
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3 years ago#64
2. NES
3. NDS
4. GBA
5. PSPvita
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3 years ago#65
no real order, top 5

3 years ago#66

All the rest (I've owned them all at one point)

30aught6 posted...
My top 5:

2) Genesis
3) NES
4) N64
5) Dreamcast

I'm sorry but you put the Genesis before the NES? Were you a bottle baby?

30aught6 posted...
Ninja Gaiden Black was an amazing game.

The original release was amazing. That was the very first game that I actually ponied up the money for the brady guide. Interesting enough, it was also the last time. lol

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