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Worthwhile upgrade?

#1ca90ssPosted 11/1/2013 6:01:48 PM
For my nephew's birthday I told him I'd build him a computer. I've bought everything except the graphics card (I5-4670k, hyper 212evo, msi z87-gd45, Samsung 128gb 840 evo, wd 2tb black, 8gb ram, corsair tx650m and windows 7). Originally I was going to get him either a r9 280x or with the recent price drop a gtx 770 but with the upcoming gtx 780ti I got to thinking I could give him one of my gtx 670's now and when the 780ti comes out I could buy that and then give him my other 670. So would the 780ti be a worthwhile upgrade from sli 670's or would I be better off keeping what I have and buying him one of the cards I had previously planned on? Thanks for the help.
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#2dayne195Posted 11/6/2013 2:22:06 PM
I would say that it's not a worthwhile upgrade, it might be closer to a side grade, but couple in the fact that the 670s will be a gift, and I'd say that's a good idea. Also, can you be my uncle too? I mean how is your nephew so awesome for you to buy him a $1300 pc???
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