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Any known fixes for the Battlefield 4 on PC?

#11ein311Posted 11/1/2013 11:55:11 PM
Worked fine for me. I did something stupid and adjusted the resolution scale to 200% (I game at 2560x1440) and got an instant crash... oops
Had to delete the Settings folder and restart the computer, but it fixed it.

Aside from having entire servers just boot people and "disappearing" from the server list, the glitchy sound issues on certain servers, and extreme server lag/rubberbanding, I'd say it's a pretty stellar launch!

...ok, so it's pretty rough. Can't say I expected it to be perfect, though.

At least punkbuster hasn't kicked me for a "disallowed program" yet like it constantly does in BF3. :|
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#12lp356281Posted 11/2/2013 1:33:31 AM
Mines fine.

Try, update PB, run the game in x86 and remove origin sync with cloud. Also ensure any overclocks are actually stable.
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