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Does Arkham city have issues with Vsinc?

#1Jason_Ryu_3Posted 11/2/2013 2:16:24 PM
I was running Arkham city at 1200x720 res with medium detail (no AA), and I was barely maintaining 25-30 FPS. Which pissed me off, cause I ran Crysis with better settings than that

I recently downloaded the GOTY edition that I got free from steam. Played with the settings and turned vsinc off, and I can run at 1600x900 with max detail (no AA) and I run it fast enough that I get occasional screen tearing

does Vsinc take that much of a toll on a computer?


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#2wizardmonPosted 11/2/2013 2:31:48 PM(edited)
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#3AsellusPosted 11/2/2013 3:13:45 PM(edited)
Turn the dx11 stuff off, it's a huge fps sink with very little visual return for the game.
#4MasterDonGeroPosted 11/2/2013 3:59:50 PM
Your refresh rate is below your monitor's refresh rate most likely.
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