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Selling a used CPU

#1Axl_RedPosted 11/2/2013 6:00:58 PM
So I recently upgraded my computers CPU to an i7-3770k, and now i have an i5-2380p CPU that I no longer have any use for. I really want know see if I can sell this old CPU for maybe 100$. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing, and know if there's a place I can sell this? I'd appreciate any tips.
#2KabtheMentatPosted 11/2/2013 6:02:00 PM
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#3SnadadosPosted 11/2/2013 6:24:06 PM
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#4Sage_Of_IcePosted 11/2/2013 6:26:04 PM
The ListCraig is usually a pretty good place to sell things, but in this case, it's rather unlikely that someone nearby will want that processor. However, on places like Amazon and eBay, you're much more likely to find someone who for whatever reason needs that processor. Older processors start to become hard to come by, as people usually aren't stripping them out of old PCs. Just don't expect it to be sold for a while.

At least in my experience, anyway. I don't know about your processor. Sorry.
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#5steveboblarryPosted 11/2/2013 6:26:54 PM
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#6Zer0theNightPosted 11/2/2013 8:14:49 PM
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#7overkillwfo1978Posted 11/2/2013 8:36:43 PM
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