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Bypass sub-par Verizon Wireless modem/router

#1NDPitcherPosted 11/3/2013 1:08:30 PM
So Verizon FiOS gave us a pretty crappy modem/router. It's 802.11g. Way to be up with technology Verizon...

Long story short is that we're stuck with it, because they ran coax from the panel in the basement to the modem upstairs. It would have been better if they just ran gigabit ethernet to the modem from the panel. From my research, because they ran coax, it's a total pain to replace their modem/router unit with my own because of a bunch of technical details that aren't worth going into.

What I want to do is use their modem/router as the modem only, and buy my own 802.11AC router for my own home network. Would this be as simple as going out of one of the local ports on their modem/router with Cat5E, and into the WAN port of my own router? Then perhaps I could disable the wireless functionality on their piece of crap, and then voila, I have a fast local network, and FiOS internet.