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CoD still selling like it's the best game ever made...

#31Orestes417Posted 11/6/2013 5:35:16 PM
No. some CoD games are good, some are excellent. Ghosts is not one of those.
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#32noimnoturdaddy(Topic Creator)Posted 11/6/2013 7:13:52 PM
akuma634 posted...
Blindly hating the franchise for being popular is your problem.

I try everything before I give my opinion on it. And if I don't try it, I make it known that I'm not speaking from experience.

The game is ****, and I wonder what other industries would be like if the same level of non-quality were so easily accepted by people.
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#33IallettpfothmirPosted 11/6/2013 7:19:39 PM
Brass_Eye posted...
noimnoturdaddy posted...
Brass_Eye posted...

If you don't like multiplayer games anymore find a new hobby.

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