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Do you set your metro background to your desktop wallpaper?

#1Sc24lifePosted 11/6/2013 10:36:58 PM
Topic Title - Results (78 votes)
19.23% (15 votes)
24.36% (19 votes)
I don't use windows 8
56.41% (44 votes)
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Looks so gud
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#2PhilOnDezPosted 11/6/2013 10:52:03 PM
I don't use windows 8 but that looks like something I'd do.
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#3Treason686Posted 11/6/2013 11:16:21 PM
Nah, I prefer my productivity.
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#4xk_gmanPosted 11/8/2013 3:54:43 AM
you know what i have never done this but i will from now on, thanks for the idea
#5schadowPosted 11/8/2013 6:55:47 AM
Treason686 posted...
Nah, I prefer my productivity.


Don't tell me you're one of those who become more productive the uglier your surroundings are, like this strange Windows classic skin fetish some places seem to have.
MageofBlood391 posted...
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#6iammaxhailmePosted 11/8/2013 7:09:03 AM
I use W8, but I never use Metro, so I never bothered to change its background
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#7aak57Posted 11/8/2013 7:23:39 AM
iammaxhailme posted...
I use W8, but I never use Metro, so I never bothered to change its background

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#8gastamanPosted 11/8/2013 10:47:30 AM
Have had it that way since the 8.1 Preview released.
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#9Mudkip57Posted 11/8/2013 12:33:59 PM
I'm not using 8.1. Where's my representation!
#10jakisthePosted 11/8/2013 12:36:10 PM
Is this only in 8.1?
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