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Is there a decent DS emulator for android yet? or are they all still garbage?

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The app probably has image filters to enhance the video.

That's the last thing on my mind when playing a handheld game. Comfort and control are the most important. To each their own I guess.

I prefer comfort and control as well. I don't see how making the whole screen a touch screen while including all the buttons on there is in any way convenient. I despise any app that uses a virtual gamepad on a small screen. Make it HD for all I care, it's not worth getting used to.

The GBA emulators are probably as far as I go because there isn't as many buttons everywhere, and even then I don't play them often.

Drastic gives you the option to hide the start/select buttons, leaving just as many buttons on the screen as the GBA emulators.
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Drastic is expensive but works pretty much flawlessly. it's one of the best emulators I've ever used and I think it's better than playing on an actual DS.

You should elaborate. The DS is fairly close to perfect for playing DS games.

Ok, well the ds is better for playing action games where the dpad is necessary but I much prefer playing RPGs and touch based games on my Nexus 4 with Drastic. The UI is amazing and it's easy to change the screen setup to have them side by side, or have the bottom as the main screen and the touch screen smaller and to the side.

The screens in my DS Lite look archaic compared to when playing on my phone and the emulation is so good that carrying around a 2nd device seems stupid. Give it a shot, it really is that good.
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