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My computer's been shutting down lately..

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3 years ago#1
If i try to to play or watch some live streams of games. I think basically anything GPU heavy causes it to shutdown after a while. I cleaned out some dust, but it still shut down every 30 minutes or so. I looked in my case today and saw a yellow wire plug thing kinda sticking out, it's part of one of those plug things that have 3 prongs, yet go into one of the 4 hole thingies that is connected to my GPU. I looked at another one and noticed that the yellow thing is supposed to be connected, so i stuck it back through the hole into the 4 holed thingy so that all 3 wires are connected. Could this have been my main problem?

Also what's weird is that my sister can play Sims 3 without my computer shutting down on her.
3 years ago#2
If your computer is shutting down, it's likely one of three things:

- A problem with the Power Supply.
- A problem with the Motherboard.
- A wiring problem.

If you have parts you can exchange out, try doing so to see if it fixes the problem. It could also be overheating, although this is unlikely a reason that the computer would shut down entirely. You might want to check your temperatures just to be sure.
3 years ago#3
Yeah i will probably trying swapping out the power supply tomorrow. In the mean time i'll check if that single wire makes a difference. >_<
3 years ago#4
How old is it if you don't mind me asking? A friend of mine had a 6yr old computer that shut down like that and he found out at a PC repair shop that his power supply was dying out.
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3 years ago#5
Computer is probably like 3-4 years old. PSU is under a year old.
3 years ago#6
Well swapped out the power supply for my older one and it seems to be fine now. Lame.
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