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What is a good space battle game?

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3 years ago#31
Needs more Ice type, and Dragons are the devil.
3 years ago#32
3 years ago#33
Wing Commander: Prophecy was released on yesterday. You've got minimal ship selection for the plot, but the simulator missions were great fun.

lkhlkh posted...
star citizen?

To be released 2016-ish - Or later if people keep throwing money at it and they keep promising new features.
3 years ago#34
Star Conflict (F2P on steam). It's got a few balance issues, but it can be a fun PvP space dogfight game. Has PvE, but last time I tried it, it was pretty tough, so you'll need better ships and weapons to take it on.
3 years ago#35
Ningishzida posted...
Frontier: Elite 2

Yup, Elite 2 is called First Encounters in the states though.

Lost my copy in a flood, BLAAARGH.
Also, Chess is a game of skill much like all gameplay only video games. So it is pretty mindless if you think about it.-mtjormitch
3 years ago#36
Wait for Star Citizen?
3 years ago#37
Empire at War
Sins of a Solar Empire
We should take away their metal boxes!
3 years ago#38
Master of Orion 2
You can't stop Bouchart.
3 years ago#39
X-Wing Alliance
[Expletive deleted at request of Gamefaqs]
3 years ago#40
I can second Master of Orion II. I've heard good things about Birth of the Federation, as well.
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