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Gonna buy a 7770 graphics card

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3 years ago#11
From: N1GHTS | Posted: 11/8/2013 1:12:13 PM | #010
is there anything worth upgrading my CPU to without having to change the motherboard too?

I'd just suggest getting a x3220. They're just $40 on ebay and you'll get a ton better performance on anything quad threaded. And that's everything ported from the 360 regardless of what the minimum requirements a game say.

The x3320 is 775 socket and should run on any 775 motherboard that supports Core2Quad. Google the CPU and your mobo to verify other people using the same set up.
3 years ago#12
N1GHTS posted...
Hmmm i don't really wanna keep creeping the price up, especially an extra 40. I was thinking of spending no more than about 100 on it, and as protools said..

protools1983 posted...
Meh, IMO it's time to save up and buy a new build. Those specs are pretty poor.

Can't really afford a full on new build yet, so looking for a graphics card that will see me through for a while at the current spec.

Unless spending a bit extra money on a better card (that isn't bottlenecked) would see me through for even longer..?

I think you can manage a 650Ti under 100
As for a better CPU, you'd have to look at the local used market. A Q6600 or other high end Core2Quad could be a decent step up and last you another couple years.
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3 years ago#13
So upgrading CPU to (eg) Q6600

and upgrading graphics card to 7770

would be a better move than keeping the CPU and upgrading for a 650 Ti (+20) or 650 Ti Boost (+40)

man i hate when this happens, i'm always about to do something then get tempted to spend extra money when i look into things more
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3 years ago#14
Yes. Games since 2008/9 are at least 3 threaded. Most are 4 threaded. You having a strong GPU won't even matter if your dual core can't keep up with a games quad core optimization.
3 years ago#15
ok great, so my options for CPU.. should i go used? Is that normal?
Sonic Adventure - Chao Information
3 years ago#16
From: N1GHTS | Posted: 11/8/2013 5:36:30 PM | #015
ok great, so my options for CPU.. should i go used? Is that normal?

You have to buy used at this point. There are no new Core2Quads anywhere. You can find factory refurbished but they're usually all sold from China.

Another thing I have to point out is that your stock HSF might not be able to handle a quad. I don't know for certain though. You need to consider that too when going for a quad.
3 years ago#17
ah ok, i'll keep all this in mind now.

Sonic Adventure - Chao Information
3 years ago#18

This ones a cheap option
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3 years ago#19
If you find a cheap Core 2 Quad, you might have to update your BIOS in order for it to be recognized.
I recommend upgrading the BIOS before switching the CPUs.
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