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Interesting article for 290/X owners

#11xcmon3yx2Posted 11/9/2013 12:16:26 AM
Thescyy posted...
xcmon3yx2 posted...
the problem is the default fan profile. I changed mine to 47%/55C, 60%,65, 70%/70C, 80%/80C and 100%/90C. So far the card has not gone over 70C running BF4 maxed

Enjoying the leaf blower?

Over the ambient noise in my room, house and 7.1 speaker system. I hardly notice it. But I am enjoying a constant 60fps+ on bf4 with everything all the way up
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#12hitokiri13Posted 11/9/2013 12:23:20 AM(edited)
When I had my HD 3870 when it had that problem. I just disconnect the two wires and tape to avoid shorting and keep it 100% till it dies which it never did.

Note: All wires that isn't Red and Black if I remember correctly.
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