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Is Toshiba a good brand for laptops?

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User Info: rabbi_baby

3 years ago#11
I buy Lenovo E530's for work, and they're great. Super strong formfactor which holds up to the idiotic endusers i given them to, and they let me put in a 24gb SSD cache drive which makes loadtimes super quick.

Once I completely spec out the computer (i5, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd +24gb SSD) it comes to around $6-700 depending on what sale is going on. Then I have to load in win7 pro/office home/business/adobe standard which raises up the price to 900-1k. Great little laptops.

However for myself, who takes care of the laptop, have an MSI GE60 as my main workstation, and an MSI x460dx for my mobile platform. I put a 240gb MSATA in the GE60 and it runs like a charm. Deleted the optical drive from the x460 and put in a vertex 4/disk caddy.

Both run windows 8 (haters gonna hate) w/ stardock's Start8, so they're super quick.
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User Info: LaMichael_James

3 years ago#12
TheWayOfTheGun posted...
Lenovo, Asus, MSI

no sager
hp and dell are fine
bust rb

User Info: Superlinkbros89

3 years ago#13
My parents have a a similar laptop to the one you mentioned. They have some of the worst cooling and noise of a laptop out there ( Its louder than my Lenovo z500 at a max load when they are just browsing the web to put this into perspective)
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User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#14
Is that the worst laptop at Bestbuy? I bought a X502CA-BCL0901D as a temporary replacement. It has worse specs and a terrible keyboard. The trackpad was nicer than the Toshiba that was right next to it, but it was still bad. Then again, it's much lighter than the C55-A5300.

Much as I love Thinkpads, I suspect TC isn't willing to shell out for that quality if his first choice is a $230 computer.
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User Info: OldSorrow

3 years ago#15
Toshiba is like KIA.
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User Info: Pepys Monster

Pepys Monster
3 years ago#16
I had a ****ty MSI laptop for 3 years. Acer is way better.
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User Info: RogueStriker

3 years ago#17
I had an old Toshiba laptop that had an overheating problem. It became so bad, it would die even when I wasn't playing a game.

Not sure if they fixed their overheating issues.
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User Info: castrejon04

3 years ago#18
Remember, I'm upgrading from a Latitude D620 with a damage battery and an almost dead charger. I'm on a tight budget, I just want a replacement laptop, nothing more.
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User Info: SemperFiAngel

3 years ago#19
I work at Best Buy as well. For the love of God, don't waste money on that pos. As a matter of fact most Toshiba's under 400 bucks always have battery issues.

Buy the $339.99 i3 HP laptop if you are on a budget or find an open item laptop and get a deal out of it.
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