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This is a weird blue screen..

#1sockroxPosted 11/10/2013 9:38:54 PM
Usbhub.sys seems to be the driver error.

On one hand, I've had lots of blue screen errors lately and have done some things to my computer to try and fix them.. and since this is different, it inda makes me happy its not the same thing i was always getting..

on the other hand.. REALLY!?

Help ? :)
#2sockrox(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2013 9:57:36 PM
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#3Kokuei05Posted 11/10/2013 11:14:21 PM
From: sockrox | Posted: 11/10/2013 11:57:36 PM | #002
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#4ChristinaDavidPosted 11/12/2013 1:54:02 AM
Fix this weird blue screen error with these tips:-

- Disconnect incompatible hardware
- Check and repair disk errors
- Perform System Clean-Up with PCFresher
- Scan for Malicious Content
- Run System File Check Up

Thanks. Good luck
#5Lady UnePosted 11/12/2013 6:31:44 AM
Learn how to crash your computer with this one weird blue screen.
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