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Win 7 User Libraries, how do I move them back to my main partition?

#1-GhosT-Posted 11/11/2013 6:58:45 PM
Hey guys. I bought a SSD a while back and installed W7 on it. Then, I decided to move my User folder to my normal HDD, since I had way more space on that disk.

Now, that HDD just crashed and died. That corrupted my Windows 7 installation. When I boot in, my profiles are all dead. If I load in one, the desktop is all black, and the Start menu is empty. However, everything else works...

I forgot how I told W7 to move this User folder to the other disk, but I need to get them back on my main SSD. Hopefully that'd fix my Win7 and let me create new profiles again. Better than formatting...

I think I fiddled with Regedit and changed a few values. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?
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#2arleasPosted 11/11/2013 7:13:45 PM

I'm not sure how that would work if the user folder is completely gone... you might have to do some kind of a repair/restore option?