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help a girl build a gaming rig

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User Info: bordarcollie

3 years ago#41
JKatarn posted...
Your user name, new user status and the fact that you're supposedly going to use a 690 with Linux and you "ripped it out of an old Dell" makes me think this is a piss-poor trolling attempt.

how its economical to just reuse an empty old casing

i use linux for security reasons & not everyone is a gamer obivously i am new to pc gaming
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User Info: call of duty

call of duty
3 years ago#42
DiehardFFv2 posted...
phy2jsh posted...
il_capitano posted...
call of duty posted...
MangorushXIII posted...
Get a PS4, it's all you ever need really.

If you're content with your squalid existence and enjoy being sub-par, that is.

Which, coming from a guy called CoD, is hilarious rofl

Time for him to update his sig...


Thanks for pointing it out, I missed it. il_capitano, welcome to my quote!
Number of people who claim that I'm an idiot because of my username, even though they were not born when I created my account nor ever played the first CoD: 15

User Info: N_T_S_C

3 years ago#43
help a girl? no thanks
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