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I just bought Guild Wars 2

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3 years ago#41
happyscrub1 posted...
Bowsaa posted...

Realistically, you need as much strategy as any other game- learn what the boss does, then just avoid its major attacks/whatever it does and kill it.

Other games actually have complex rotations on giant ability bars. GW2 is 95% spamming 5 abilities you have on cooldown with no thought about it.

just like any other MMO
3 years ago#42
my_name_is_Ed posted...

just like any other MMO

You must not played other MMOs then. You can't do that in SWTOR, WoW (from lich and before. Don't know about now), CoH, ect.
Never forget.... Building #7
3 years ago#43
To be fair to GW2 it's more like ten when you take into account the weapon switching you should be doing. But no, if you think it's "just like any other MMO" you haven't played one deep enough to have an opinion.
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3 years ago#44
Orestes417 posted...
To be fair to GW2 it's more like ten when you take into account the weapon switching you should be doing. .

Not even that because, if I remembered, weapon switch has a long cooldown. It's like 20-30 secs?

So you spam keys, then switch wpns to spam the same 5 keys for 30 secs, rinse and repeat?
Never forget.... Building #7
3 years ago#45
Even though GW2 tries to be casual, it fails to be even remotely competent. A few more things:

Lots of useless skills. All of the classes have one useful elite skill, two if they're lucky. The rest are just utterly useless novelties with huge cooldowns. There's one called "Artillery Berrage". It does exactly what it says, but you're lucky if it even hits anything.

Lackluster skill trees. They don't change how you play the game whatsoever. All you do is build them around the weapons you like to use, because they're mostly statistical nonsense. Axes do 5% more damage. Survival skills have 10% less cooldown. There's a small chance for this subtle thing to happen and it has a 2 minute cooldown. Who cares.

They have a Living Story where they add events that change the map temporarily. The plot's garbage though. Every chapter goes like this:

"Group A and Group B have joined forces for no reason and are called the Who Cares Alliance! Mastermind Scarlet Brier is behind it! What does she want? We'll tell you but we're gonna drag this out for as long as we can, even though she's just a cardboard cutout Saturday morning villain! Grind 100 Who Cares Alliance events and get this shiny useless thing!"

Guild Wars has a rich and interesting lore, and I'd love to interact with it. Unfortunately Anet will have none of that.
3 years ago#46
GW2 = Yawnfest.
It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. begins to twist facts to suit theories.... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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