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Is an i7 worth it for gaming? Or will it be..?

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3 years ago#21
MasterDonGero posted...
Rama_X posted...
LostHisHardcore posted...
Get the AMD chip and save $100

Wow, didnt know that.

"Oh my god, someone tweeted it! Must be true!" The i7 will still... You know what? If you're stupid enough to believe it, then go for it.

Wow, calm down sister. The AMD chip does perform better if you use more than 4 threads which i know games doesnt for now. But still impresive for 100 bucks less. So i would shut up if i were you.
3 years ago#22
people have been buying i7's for years with the prospect of future proofing
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3 years ago#23
Always with the "future-proofing" , "future-proofing", "future-proofing".

The best way to "future-proof" is buying current bang for buck components, save the rest of your cash, and upgrade when there are bigger gains to be had. That way, you might be able to maintain a decent gaming PC for a full decade for about as much as some people spend on one build in a futile attempt to "future-proof".
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3 years ago#24
The best is not the cheapest, and many users use their CPUs for many years.
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