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Looking for a $1000 Gaming/Streaming Desktop Build

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3 years ago#1
Hey there! I am sort of new to creating my own computer, and I was wondering if someone could start me off with a build. I have no problem putting electronics/computer parts together, I just do not know the difference between and i7 and an i5 as they both have the same cores and speeds or what kind of power supply I will need, or what type of mother board will I need to fit all of these components. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
3 years ago#2
i7 is what you want for streaming stuff. Hyperthreading doesn't help in most games, but those extra threads can handle most of the work of recording and streaming, resulting in far lower performance losses than with an i5.
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3 years ago#3
Since I'm in the same boat as you and would also like the same answers, maybe we can work together and get something down. Heres what I have so far
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3 years ago#4
Here is something I came up with, but it is $100 over.... I also already have a monitor and mouse/keyboard.
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