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Whats a good cheap heatsink for amd fx?

#1WygunPosted 11/14/2013 8:46:58 PM
Built this pc in winter and had no problem but now thats summer i can see the stock heatsink wont do it (temps on load go over 65c). What do you recommend?. Im not OC (i think my cpu is locked to begin with) so i dont need that much but where i live ambience temp is around 46c. Also, its needed to get a better case fan too or is not important?.
#2DarkZV2BetaPosted 11/14/2013 8:49:35 PM
FX CPUs are all unlocked.
Hyper 212Evo.
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#3Incendia_IntusPosted 11/14/2013 8:52:18 PM
Damn man. Hottest it gets here is 37C-38C, and I think THAT is unbearable.
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#4daemon_danPosted 11/14/2013 8:55:34 PM
Since the ambient temp gets that high I would suggest a Noctua NH-D14 or maybe a closed loop liquid cooler.
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