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Games like Dwarf Fortress

#1nWoStylePosted 11/15/2013 1:55:41 AM
I like the IDEA of Dwarf Fortress, an indirect control game where your little people go about their tasks without the need for micromanagement, but i hate how Dwarf Fortress looks like ASCII diarrhea in my eyes.
I've found Rimworld, Spacebase DF-9, and Prison Architect thus far, but they're all in alpha and I only want to give my money to the project most like Dwarf Fortress.
Rimworld sounds the most promising, as it's the same build a colony and survive gameplay as Dwarf Fortress, and it has an 'AI Director' which sounded great.

Any other similar types of game out there?
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#20cu_87Posted 11/15/2013 1:57:46 AM
Install a tileset? Trust me, there is NO game like Dwarf Fortress because of the fact it does not rely on graphics.
#3Tyranius2Posted 11/15/2013 2:00:57 AM
Install a tileset.

Nothing matches Dwarf Fortress. Nothing.
#4wizardmonPosted 11/15/2013 2:01:29 AM
Yeah, there are some great tilesets out there for Dwarf Fortress.
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#5SteamsterPosted 11/15/2013 2:09:29 AM
Definitely sounds like you haven't tried tilesets.
#6AsellusPosted 11/15/2013 2:22:52 AM
Evil Genius or Dungeon Keeper.
#7Erik212Posted 11/15/2013 2:30:36 AM
I've recently picked up dorfort again and Jesus, I am readdicted. Default tiles always looked the best to me, maybe because I spend a lot of time in terminals...
Another idea I had was the spy/sniper being able to climb into the soldier's rocket launcher and be launched across the map, dealing more damage, but no splash.
#8MahoganyTooth92Posted 11/15/2013 3:11:48 AM
A tileset is how an oblivious person like myself managed to play Dwarf fortress. I'd recommend it to you, as well.
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#9RPGMattPosted 11/15/2013 3:44:28 AM
I enjoyed the default tileset...
#10ElementalWindPosted 11/15/2013 5:44:15 AM
^ Me too. I usually had trouble recognizing animals with other tilesets.

Any other similar types of game out there?
Towns is similar (though a lot less detailed and with more focus on attracting wandering heroes).
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