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Help setting up a router?

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User Info: XXCalibanXX

3 years ago#1
So I know this is a total noob question but I'm having issues with my router. I set it up years ago, and when my internet kept dropping today I kept unplugging modem and router. Eventually that stopped working so I reset both of them. Well I thought resetting the router was the same as modem, but no, it reset to factory and now I'm not sure how it was set up before. So, I created it and changed my passcode and got connected again, but I have this nagging feeling I didn't finish everything and I don't want to be open to crap. I went to and looked through everything but I can't remember what was what before. I don't know what should be ticked and what shouldn't, Im not sure what security it should be set to. Right now is WPA-2 with AES and I believe that's what it was before but not 100%. its a Linksys router wrt160n, I just want it set up right, thanks everybody.
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User Info: Lady Une

Lady Une
3 years ago#2
If you have some form of security or MAC filtering and can connect to the internet, you should be fine.
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