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Console guy here...but I just want to say

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User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

3 years ago#31
Exodus_Prime posted...
You lucky bastards! I saw a trailer for "The Forest" it's only on PC, man that looks good we need more horror games like that, there are quite a few games I wish would make it to consoles, like some decent strategy games, or decent MMO's...but I saw the trailer for this game just blew me away it looks crazy.

There is no luck involved. Anyone can buy a gaming PC. Owning one does not make you special.
Glorious God Gamers > PC Master Race > Console Peasants --->

User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#32
Just remember correct way to apply the thermal paste on the processor if you're building your own computer. That cost me almost $800 dollars when I messed it up twice. Now I'm lazy and just buy pre-builts that get the job done enough to satisfy me. My graphics card is the only thing "holding" me back and I can still play what I want to play on maximum settings.
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