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Quick! 256GB SSD $150(save 130) ADATA

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3 years ago#1

Good brand?
Was waiting for a sumsung to get to same price.
Space Waster
3 years ago#2
No shipping to Mexico... Damn :c
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3 years ago#3
I think I might buy this SSD.
Space Waster
3 years ago#4
anyone else?
Space Waster
3 years ago#5
pretty sure newegg will offer similar prices soon. I've held off a SSD this long, I can wait some more.
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3 years ago#6
ADATA is a good brand. I've bought a lot of their products over the years and they've all held up.
3 years ago#7
Okay will buy real soon.
Space Waster
3 years ago#8
I have this SSD, got it for Christmas last year. no errors, real fast, crystaldiskinfo still reports it at 100% even though I've written 3 terabytes to it.
3 years ago#9
Now the waiting game.
Space Waster
3 years ago#10
As an SSD owner, my advice to people thinking about buying one now is to just get a Hybrid. SSD's are really nice, but they just aren't worth the money. You can get almost identical boot times on a good hybrid and still get the TB's of space you'd need to buy a secondary HDD to pair with an SSD anyways.
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