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Injustice, Arkham Origins, Contrast, Lego Marvel, and more can be 25% off on GMG

#1Marioface5Posted 11/18/2013 6:40:01 AM
The 25% off voucher is for selected titles only, and there's also a 20% off voucher for all digital games excluding selected titles respective to that voucher.

For those who don't know, GMG vouchers can only be used once per person, so use them carefully! If you buy multiple games at once the voucher will apply only to the most expensive game in your cart. Also if a game is already on sale the voucher's discount will be applied to the sale price rather than the base price.

25% Off Voucher: GMG25-C8FGA-VFPGI

20% Off Voucher: GMG20-ODON7-FLUA7

Have fun!

I think I might end up buying Injustice now, though I had previously planned on waiting until either Steam's big winter sale or Christmas.
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#2KidInTheHallPosted 11/18/2013 6:47:09 AM
Hmmm Walking Dead Season 2 would a little over $16.
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