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Ever notice how console fanboys who hate PC gaming can't seem to leave it alone?

#51snake_5036Posted 11/18/2013 4:42:42 PM
14_Times posted...
Key word is "fanboys".

Fanboys of all types are equally awful, and don't deserve the attention that people on these boards (both PC and console) give them.

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#52Smash__GalPosted 11/18/2013 4:51:01 PM(edited)
It's a game called "Let's see who's better". If they find something to make poke fun at the opposition, they'll do it, just so that they can feel better about themselves.

It's society's way of needing to feel better about their life choices and decisions. And since PC fanboys run amuck saying they're the "master race", Console fanboys run amuck preaching that they have more exclusives or other such nonsense.

And then there's the rest of us who just want everyone to shut up and play games.
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#53GoIrish80Posted 11/18/2013 4:51:43 PM
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#54SenkoyPosted 11/18/2013 5:13:12 PM
It seems like it's the other way around to me. The console people don't give two s***s about PC. It's always the PC elitists who have to bother them by calling them peasants.
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#55Jon_GodPosted 11/18/2013 5:23:18 PM
The exact same thing can be said about PC fanboys on console topics/comments on articles.
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#56gfrequencyPosted 11/18/2013 5:53:15 PM
And yet...this thread exists. Hm. And while I haven't seen many console-only gamers who actively hate PC gaming, the opposite is sadly untrue.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
#57GeorgemenPosted 11/18/2013 5:56:50 PM
I notice the exact opposite with insecure people constantly bickering about the ability (or not) to create a PC with just 400$.
#58NightsOwlPosted 11/18/2013 6:03:39 PM
I'm too poor to really buy all the console games I want. But I do also have a capable PC.

Not sure what my point is. I like both I guess? Nintendo, Sony, and Steam are really the only gaming sources I need. :v
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#59MinamoPosted 11/18/2013 6:08:42 PM
zxelman posted...
I noticed that pc fanboys can't seem to leave the console fanboys alone just as well.
#60TeraPatrick2008Posted 11/18/2013 6:09:57 PM
Oh (fan)boy!
Not that again!

You speak of console- and pc-fans/fanboys like it's christians vs muslims or jews!

I love consoles because 90% of all games I like are on console(s) only and still I'm playing on PC also. I enjoyed "The Stanley Parable" recently but I don't call myself a this or that, fanboy or fan because I'm buying all consols there are since the mid 80s (the Xbone is the only one I'm boycotting) and also keep my PC able to play games I like, even if it's just 2-3 PC-games a year.