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What Grand Theft Auto Game is Your Current Favorite

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3 years ago#1
What Grand Theft Auto Game Do You Currently Favor Over the Others? - Results (197 votes)
Grand Theft Auto
2.03% (4 votes)
Grand Theft Auto 2
3.05% (6 votes)
Grand Theft Auto III
4.57% (9 votes)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
19.8% (39 votes)
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
25.89% (51 votes)
Grand Theft Auto IV
9.14% (18 votes)
Grand Theft Auto V
22.84% (45 votes)
GTA Vice City Stories/Liberty City Stories
0.51% (1 votes)
I Like Them All Equally/I Prefer Multiple Titles Equally
2.54% (5 votes)
I Don't Like GTA Games
9.64% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm stuck between choosing GTA San Andreas, IV, and V. I'll choose V as soon as it comes to PC, though, since it'll be the perfect mix between IV and San Andreas.
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3 years ago#2
4, but only because I haven't actually played 5 yet. I'm sure I will love 5 once it comes to PC.
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3 years ago#3
everyone always forgets gta london (and chinatown wars)
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3 years ago#4
CourtofOwls posted...
everyone always forgets gta london (and chinatown wars)

I was going to put them in, but I ended up deciding not to because I feel they are not very popular when compared to the ones that are listed.

Just know I did consider them.
Karma... Is a powerful force..
3 years ago#5
I enjoyed San Andreas the most because of the massive amount of stuff you needed to do to get 100%. That still doesn't include stuff that isn't required for 100%.

Every GTA 3 engine game that came out on PC has aged well. You can play them today and it's a blast to play from start to end.

The handheld and console versions are kind of meh IMO. The major factor is that it requires autoaim. I've always considered autoaim a cheat like how aimbot in counter-strike is a cheat. With that said though; I still enjoyed Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories, and Chinatown Wars on the PSP but if I were to replay them; it won't be as enjoyable as the first play through.
3 years ago#6
San Andreas. I like 5 but the driving change they made from GTA IV really turns me off.
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3 years ago#7
I loved GTA V, can't wait to play it on PC. For some reason, I still feel like San Andreas had the bigger map. There was also 3 different cities. So I'm gonna have to go with San Andreas.
3 years ago#8
GTA IV. This is the only GTA where I actually have bothered with the story, I haven't played GTA V though. - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.
3 years ago#9
San Andreas. Though if they were to remake Vice City with the extra features SA has, then it would definitely be VC by a mile.
3 years ago#10
san andreas master race
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