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What's a good, CHEAP laptop for all around use?

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User Info: Melenator

3 years ago#1
Console gamer, sold my ps3, desktop broke, and next gen is not worth $500 right now. I'm going to start college here soon so it would be good to have one.
Basically I want something that's 150 (probably too low to get a quality one) to $300. If it can play games that would be awesome because I know I'm going to start fiening to play something after awhile.

Note, I really don't know anything about pc's, which you've probably already figured out already.

User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#2
Good build quality starts around $800, unfortunately.

The 300 or less laptops are pretty much the same: Cheap, bad touchpad, 15.6", 5-6 lb, 1366x786, mediocre battery. Unless you get an old netbook with a tiny screen and keyboard.
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User Info: XNo_FearX

3 years ago#3
just get a tablet honestly
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User Info: Conker

3 years ago#4
XNo_FearX posted...
just get a tablet honestly


As far as gaming goes, you'll be limited to the stuff on app stores, not full PC games (though there are a growing number that have some decent production values). With a Windows tablet, although the ecosystem isn't the greatest yet, you would get a solid version of Office that would be great for school.

Otherwise, like the first reply said, for $300 or under you'll get mediocre specs, size, weight, display, battery life, etc.

I wouldn't even consider putting anything less than $600 into a full Windows 8 laptop, and ideally for some gaming $800-1000.
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