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Do people actually like these games?

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3 years ago#1

Looks like it's designed to do nothing but piss people off.
Man, you are think. - KrazyDago101's attempt to insult me
3 years ago#2
there are weaboos everywhere
3 years ago#3
Sadly yeah. - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.
3 years ago#4
The previous topic about this game says yes.
Many Bothans died to bring you this post.
3 years ago#5
If it makes you mad, then it makes me happy
3 years ago#6
“Swearing at your monitor and pointing at it viciously is actually a relaxing experience.”
9 – Capsule Computers

“This game has single handedly made me rethink my whole gaming life”
9.5 – Go! Gaming Giant

“Eryi’s Action will absolutely hook you in”
90 – GamerTell

All very reliable sources. Its a fantastic game
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3 years ago#7
I don't get it, that game looks sweet haha.. I may buy it too because I love platform puzzlers with high difficulty.
Steam ID: Mind_Explosion
I thought I chose very easy, not brand new to the game. - CheesyPhil
3 years ago#8
game actually looks fun
3 years ago#9
Why not? I'd want to play it just to see all the BS ways to die.
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3 years ago#10
People also like Sybon Action, AKA Cat Mario, which is like a shorter version of this.

It's a really niche game with a limited audience who wouldn't pay too much for it, hence the budget price.

I'm sorry the idea of people having different tastes is so hard for you to accept.
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