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First time PC Buid

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3 years ago#1
I've decided I want to get serious about putting together a PC for gaming by the end of the year. I have a somewhat decent laptop (Intel i-5 hd 3000, 8gb ram) but I'm ready for something better. I've never attempted to build a computer before so I'm pretty new to all this, but I've been doing some research and I've come up with this build.

My goal is something that can play all current games as well as for awhile into the future. I'm not set in stone on any of these parts. My hope is some of this stuff (or stuff like it) will be on sale in the next week or so. Any thoughts or advice would be welcome. I'm still debating if I should go with Intel or AMD cpu. Are the integrated graphics on that cpu I picked good enough for some light gaming, would intel hd4000 be better? At the moment my plan is to get the gpu last, maybe even a few months after I get everything else going. Also undecided if I want Windows 7 or 8.
3 years ago#2
Not bad but a few pointers. Go for a 250 + gb SSD + at least a 1tb backup hdd instead of flat out 3 hdd. Intel is faster for gaming, i5 4670k seems to be the preferred chip. Windows 8.1 instead of W7.
3 years ago#3
Somewhat of a bump.

I'm still pretty set on that build but I was hoping to get opinions on the A10-6800K cpu.

My thought process here is that I can get everything built before christmas, and possibly wait until tax time for the gpu, most likely a gtx770. Will the integrated graphics on that cpu be good enough to play games such as Far Cry 3 on it's own?

Would it be a much better idea to get a non integrated amd cpu with more cores, or possibly an intel i5-i7? My hope is that I can snag something in a BFriday/cyber monday sale.

This PC will be pretty much entirely for gaming, hd video, music listening, browsing. I want something that can max all current games, as well as have some staying power for the future. Budget isn't set in stone, but I'm thinking around $1000 (hopefully I can get some sweet deals)

So far all I've bought is the PSU

I'm already somewhat worried it won't be powerful enough, but I got it for 39.99 with a 20$ rebate so I think that was a good deal. Would 530w be enough for a gtx770/A10-6800k?
3 years ago#4
For the cpu i would go with intel, an i5 should be enough.

And for the GPU it depends on the resolution you are playing. But if you want to be set for some years at, lets say, 60fps on max setting at 1080p i would go with a gtx780 (depending on the model they are around 510 dollars).
3 years ago#5
So the A10-6800 is a bad idea? Will a 530w power supply be enough to support a 780?
3 years ago#6
pjlind posted...
So the A10-6800 is a bad idea? Will a 530w power supply be enough to support a 780?

Honestly i dont know how good or not the A10-6800 is. But i do know that an i5 is great right now for gaming (the i7 would be a little overkill).

530w should be enough if you are not going to use SLI (two cards setup). But there are other things to look in a power supply, though iam not very savy on the subject so maybe other user could help you better here.
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