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Need feedback on this build

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3 years ago#11
Great build, like most people said no to the aftermarket cooler and yes you should get a ssd if your going to be using anything like Sony Vegas, adobe or photoshop. Anything editing period.

Goodluck building
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3 years ago#12
Alright, thanks for all the helpful feedback!

I'll get an SSD once I can afford to and a cooler if I ever decide to overclock.

Thanks again!
3 years ago#13
What they are trying to say is probably drop to 2TB hard drive and get a 128GB SSD. Aftermarket CPU cooler is nice to have as well, there are reports of 4770k hitting 90C on stock cooler even when not overclocked.
3 years ago#14
I've heard nothing positive about the Corsair RM series power supplies. I would personally go with the AX860
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3 years ago#15
You should get Windows 8.1. There's no reason to buy Windows 7 when you can get 8.1 for basically the same price.
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