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Good RTS games for starters?.

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User Info: harcoreblazer

3 years ago#1
Preferably ones with epic combat, good Multiplayer and depth.
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3 years ago#2

Personally I used to play company of heroes, and still play Starcraft 2. Imo, there is nothing I can really recommend you that I thought was anywhere near as good.
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User Info: MaKhaos

3 years ago#3
Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne, pretty much.

I started out with Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga which was built of off Age of Empires: Age of Kings engine, so Age of Empires is a great one too.

There's also Rise of Nations which is probably one of the best there is.
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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#4
Company of Heroes has some good combat, but sometimes its very luck based. - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.
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