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Favorite multiplayer FPS that is not one of these titles?

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2 years ago#11
It wasn't a FPS, but the SOCOM series was GOAT tier
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2 years ago#12
Orestes417 posted...
The lack of CoD4 is depressing

Few people still play this great, great game.
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2 years ago#13
Was more than a few on last time I bothered to look
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2 years ago#14
capgamer posted...
KaiRyusaki posted...

anyways, Serious Sam and Painkiller (Black, havent played the others yet)

I liked it pretty well actually (Arkham City Imposters). It's just... I unlocked everything I wanted and I didn't feel the need to keep playing.

Oh i like it too. it is fun.

but it's called GOTHAM city impostors

also, my suggestion of Serious Sam is mostly just co-op, not versus.
could try Red Orchestra 2 since it's 75% off
2 years ago#15
Unreal Tournamet, any of them.
2 years ago#16
Oh right, sorry... I allowed the new Batman games to confuse me. :)
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2 years ago#17
Serious Sam. I dont remember which of them had coop though :p
2 years ago#18
Q3 arena. Learned m&k with that game.
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2 years ago#19
datopgamer posted...
Borderlands 2 is really fun. Bioshock 1 is considered a masterpiece.

I loved bioshock. Beat like 15 Times.
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2 years ago#20
Tribes: ascend
Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake 4
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