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Got questions about transferring stuff from full HDD to new/bigger HDD and more

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3 years ago#1
I'm gonna explain my situation first before asking questions. I almost run out of space on my 500 GB HDD and I'm gonna buy a 2TB HDD on black friday/cyber monday. I also plan on buying a 500 GB SSD. I would get the 1TB one but I heard it's not a good idea to put every single thing on a SSD which is what I would've done so that's why I'm buying the 2TB HDD. Ok so here are my questions:

-When I get my 2TB HDD and put it in my PC would I have to drag and drop everything or is there an easy way to transfer everything from my old HDD to the new one?

-I'm using a CoolerMaster Black HAF 912 case. I had to take out the HDD case so I could fit my recently bought 770 but if I remember correctly, without the extra HDD slots with the HDD cage, I could only fit two HDD/SSD. My plan is to first transfer all the stuff from my old HDD to the new one, put my old 500GB HD somewhere to save for the future just in case I need more room, then put in the SSD and install the OS on it and use it as my main drive. Would there be any problems doing this?

-What are the things I should and shouldn't put on SSDs?

-Is the Samsung 840 evo the best SSD to get now?

-Can you guys recommend me a good HDD?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
With the 912, you can always put the SSD in the bottom 2.5" bay, then put the two HDDs in the two remaining 3.5" bays.
3 years ago#4
- There are programs for cloning drives, but if you're not copying your OS, I'd just drag and drop what you want to keep, and format when you're done.

- Seems okay to me

- OS and most commonly used programs. I put Steam on mine, but I put my game library on my HDD, and I use Steammover to move games back and forth between the SSD and HDD. If you're getting a 500GB SSD, though, you may not need to worry about this, since you'll have a ton of room.

- That's what I'd buy, were I in the market for an SSD

- Seagate Barracuda or Western Digital Caviar Black
*under construction*
3 years ago#5
How would I transfer games from Steam, Origin, Ubisoft's horrible ass version of steam(forgot what it's called) so I can transfer my only game on it, FC3, to my SSD? Also is this a good way to do things in this order?

Drag and drop important files/other files I want to keep from old HDD to new HDD, install OS on SSD, transfer games to SSD then format old HDD
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