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They were including free copies of ass creed 4 with certain GPUS weren't they

#1ShurikoPosted 11/27/2013 1:29:54 PM
can't seem to find them
#2Master_BassPosted 11/27/2013 1:31:40 PM
That's because the promotion ended on the 25th.
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#3Shuriko(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2013 1:32:56 PM
Well s***.
#4RequiemPosted 11/27/2013 1:38:57 PM
Try neweggs.
Some cards still had the deal going on earlier today.
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#5lost_withinPosted 11/27/2013 1:46:54 PM
*ass creed* ... O.o
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