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Are the Skyrim Dlcs worth it?

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3 years ago#11
^ That sig is very true. Steam has made PC gaming a convenient versatile platform.
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3 years ago#12
that was to Chromatic btw XD
Ashin Wirathu my hero!
3 years ago#13
I'm still debating whether I should hold out for the legendary edition as it will eventually hit $19.99, which means an eventual 75% off price, which means more than a solid week's worth of gameplay for 5 bucks.
3 years ago#14
It's up to you if you want the D TC. I won't judge.
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3 years ago#15
I pulled the trigger! Just finished installing the legendary edition.
Ashin Wirathu my hero!
3 years ago#16
I'd say so.

Hearthfire is kind of meh since the adoptable kids are fugly potato headed mutants. (without mods, but most mods that make the kids look less ugly also hyper-sexualize them)

But I love crossbows w/exploding bolts and the summonable mount from Dawnguard.
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3 years ago#17

Dawnguard adds crossbows, the awesomely atmospheric Soul Cairn, one of the most well written companion characters in a WRPG, and it actually makes lycanthropy and vampirism not suck by adding cool perks. Also, the Aetherium Forge quest was really cool.

Hearthfire is good if you want more immersion and enjoy building sims.

Dragonborn is easily the best. It adds an entire new landmass full of quests, loot and dungeons, the villain is cool and menacing, and you can get a whole slew of cool abilities, spells, perks etc.
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