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Need some help finalizing my build

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3 years ago#1
I was able to get this part list together over the past couple of days but i need to pick out a different psu and i could probably pick out some different ram and a different mobo but i am having some difficulties picking finding the the best parts/price for the build. This will be my first from scratch build that i started on my own so i was trying to get it right. My budget is around $900-$1000 including the OS but i got an email from newegg for 5% off my total purchase to a max of $50 which should help me out to reach my budget(was trying to keep on the low end of $900-$950)

I appreciate any help in advance and i apologize if i am a bit slow to answer at certain times. i will try to check back often on my phone.

Edit: should add I am not against changing the case or going amd. However I do not know much about amd cards and which one to get.
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
Found this but will this cause problems when trying to fit the hyper 212?
3 years ago#4
Could go with a 670, slightly better than a 760 for $10 cheaper right now with newegg. MSI Power Edition as well.
looks like it just sold out...

3 years ago#5
I was noticing that almost all the gpu deals were sold out. I was busy earlier so i was not able to check out the deals. looking for a psu and mobo now.

That WD 1tb is an OEM so i need to get a SATA cable right?
3 years ago#6
I am not busy any more and was going to be order some parts soon, could someone check this out before i go for it? I got more time to check over my build but i can't decide on a mobo.
3 years ago#7
These would be my only changes for you:

GeForce 670 for $200

Corsair 600 watt for $30

I'm not an expert on motherboards so someone else would have to chime in on that.
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken
3 years ago#8
Ok thanks for the help but will that corsair 600w handle OC with the i5 and possibly a sli in the future? I could always get a better psu in the future(which i think i would rather do to save now) and i don't actually plan to sli anytime soon but its a possibility. Thats the modified list with your parts added so now i just have to find the right motherboard and maybe some ram without a large heat spreader.
3 years ago#9
I have to order these parts in an 1 hour so cab someone help out?
3 years ago#10
The power supply should be plenty of power if you want to overclock but not SLI. I usually see people recommending z87 motherboards so I assume it should be fine for overclocking. The heat spreader on the RAM you have doesn't look all that high but here is some RAM that's not too expensive with some low height heat spreaders:
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken
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