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Games that have good concepts and poor executions

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2 years ago#11
capgamer posted...
Playstation All Stars: Battle Royal

The basic concept is really good:
Make a Smash Bros. clone. Make it with Playstation characters. How can this fail?

Answer: make it so you kill other players by doing instant-kill moves instead of knocking them off the stage. Ironically, the one feature setting it apart from Smash Bros. is also the one that damns it for me. :)

They should have just made a Smash Bros clone. - Taylor Swift: Queen of Pop.
2 years ago#12
Sonic 2006.

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2 years ago#13
Ace of Spades.

Good concept: Take Minecraft-style building and add competitive class and team-based fps-style combat to it. TF2's popular, how could you go wrong imitating it?

How to screw it up: Reset the map to square zero every time the mission objective is completed to deincentivize building anything. Give one of the classes a jetpack making building fortifications almost entirely pointless.
2 years ago#14
Brute Force (original Xbox)
LA Noire (wasn't that bad, just too repetitive)
Fable series
Sang-Froid (indie game, I just wish its gameplay was more polished with better graphics/animations. Awesome concept, but they obviously had budget issues)
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2 years ago#15
Mirrors Edge. Cool idea but free running felt slow and lacked momentum.
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2 years ago#16
Dragon Age 2. The premise of its story is quite promising. Focusing on how your character impacted a single city's life, with time skips to show the consequences of your actions, could be quite interesting. The characters are good in theory. The basics of combat are good. However, when it comes to everything else, the game sucks.
2 years ago#17
2 years ago#18
RPGMatt posted...
Anything with Peter Molyneux in it...

This made me chuckle, very true though.
2 years ago#19

Such a disappointment...
2 years ago#20
Anyone played the Avgn adventures game? would it count as this? I saw some gameplay footage of it. It seems like a pretty decent throwback game, but i'm somehow i think i'll probably play badly.
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