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Anyone know where I can find an old game called Esonkrep?

#1mjr_tokerPosted 11/29/2013 7:22:24 PM
It was a free game that came out like 15 years ago, it wasn't too popular, but it was awesome. I had it on some floppy's, then I burned it all on one CD, but the disk got scratched now I cannot find it anywhere. Oh my gosh this sucks I wanna play Esonkrep so badly!!

Ok, so the game is about this guy named Esonkrep and you had to travel through this massive cave, there were little puzzles and crazy jumps and bugs and man eating plants you had to avoid. So you have to go all through these things and you're trying to find this magic bag of jiffs (I dunno what these are, but you fap to find them so you can save the cave (hey that rhymes lol). And like all the way through there were these other people who you have to talk to because they give you clues to find the bag of jiffs. But all the people you talk to are idiots, they don't help at all, but you STILL have to talk to them or you can't continue. And their like idiots lol. I'm not trying to be insulting, I just think they are idiots cuz they don't help, and maybe the people who made the game are idiots. I wish I knew who made the game because I could tell them they are idiots. Imagine if I told them 15 years ago they are idiots, it may have helped them make an even better game, or like a bunch of awesomer games, so awesome you'd all know where I could find Esonkrep, but then if that were reality then I'd probably know where to find Esonkrep already.

Does anyone know where I can find it? Google doesn't have it. :(