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How system intensive is Far Cry 3?

#11Kokuei05Posted 11/30/2013 8:52:06 PM
It isn't very intensive. The only thing that affects FPS a lot is Post FX. Keep everything at high and put Post FX at low; you'll have high FPS.
#12DiviDudePosted 11/30/2013 9:00:36 PM
If all else fails, there is a little patch out there for ultra-low settings. Although it does bug the game in a handful of places.
#13TheSchrefPosted 11/30/2013 9:26:18 PM(edited)
KabtheMentat posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
TheSchref posted...
I run it with a 6850, an Athlon 2 x4 630, and 4 gigs of ram on ultra on 1080p at 40-50 fps. Surprisingly easy game to run for how pretty it is.

I call BS

Me too. I have a better system and I can't do that.

I could prove it, but honestly it's more work than it's worth.

Edit: I checked for the hell of it and get constant 28-30 FPS on ultra 1080p. Pretty big difference. I remembered a higher FPS, but still not bad for how old my computer is.