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Just bought a gaming PC

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2 years ago#1
Any good steam games to try out?
2 years ago#2
Take a look @ the Sales... There are plenty of games that are good. Just remember, only buy things on Steam that are Daily/Flash deals.
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2 years ago#3

Has up-to-date GMG, Gamersgate, Amazon, and Steam deals and sales.
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2 years ago#4
Team Fortress 2.
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2 years ago#5
What kind of games do you like?

Like 4X strategy games?
Try Civ 5.
Like it? Get the gold edition upgrade and the second major expansion Gods and Kings.

Like shooters?
Metro Last Light is 66% off.

Like Horror?
Amnesia The Dark Descent is 80% off.

Like adventure games like Sam and Max or the Walking Dead?
The Wolf Among Us. 33% off

Want medieval death matchy fun?
Chivalry Medieval Warefare is 75% off.
2 years ago#6
Mount and Blade Warband
Crusader Kings 2
Civ 5
Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes
Total War (Any of them)
The Witcher

I don't know man there's 1000s of sales on steam right now. Look around, see what you like. There's TONS available really cheap.
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