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Do you think PC gaming is pretty antisocial compared to console gaming

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  3. Do you think PC gaming is pretty antisocial compared to console gaming
1 year ago#31
I'm not much of a PC gamer myself (because my PC sucks) but even I know that it is not void of social content. Heck, even tablets/smartphones are starting to pace consoles as far as social content is concerned.
1 year ago#32
At one point, yes.

But once XBL and PSN hit it big, local multiplayer took a big drop. Now it's about the same.
1 year ago#33
bro you can have aim or skype in the background while gaming.
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1 year ago#34
oh yes the old days before online gaming on consoles came out. invite a bunch of your friends over to play split screen madness games and other games like mario party.
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~
1 year ago#35
I think consoles are definitely more "social" than PC gaming, generally speaking, strictly because most gamers are console gamers. you meet someone wherever and find out they're a gamer, chances are they will probably be a console gamer rather than a PC gamer. There's also split screen multiplayer (which, sadly, isn't as common these days) and party games you see on like the Wii and whatnot.

I guess it generally depends on who you know. I have several friends that play on consoles while I have only one that plays on PC.
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1 year ago#36
no i am from korea
1 year ago#37
I think it depends on the type of game you're playing. If you play a shooter or an MMO for example, you're gonna strike up a conversation somewhere and play with like minded individuals because it's much funner gaming with others than playing those particular games by yourself. If you're playing something like skyrim or even something like borderlands you dont necessarily need to be with your friends to have a good time.

I think both console and PC gaming has a broad social network that you either create for yourself or there for you whether or not you do anything for it. Where do people come up with these kind of questions?
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1 year ago#38
Yes, and I prefer it that way, I used to talk to people using an xbox, never a PC, but now I never vocally communicate with anyone online. Game chat is about as social as I get with games, and I never play with people I know. I find online communication annoying now. Maybe I've just grown out of it. I'm pretty much no longer interested in meeting anyone new on the internet.
1 year ago#39
I have more friends that I consistently play with on steam than i've ever had on any console. And with the death of split screen gaming underway, there's really no upside to having a console when it comes to the social aspect considering a lot of games don't even have system link, if any at all these days.
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1 year ago#40
PC is much more social as that's what my gamer friends play on b/c I'm a PC gamer primarily.
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  3. Do you think PC gaming is pretty antisocial compared to console gaming

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