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Looking for a Barebones Laptop

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1 year ago#1
For my mother. She's been using a refurb she picked up from some recycling place. Dell Latitude D610:

Was perfectly content with it while it worked. But it seems to be wearing down in the handful of months she's had it.
Anyone know some cheap options for a new 14"minimum laptop? Doesn't really need battery life since it likely wont be leaving home (desktop isn't an option as she's got a leg condition and often needs it elevated on a couch). Specs aren't really an issue since she only uses it for sd Netflix, browsing and Word.
1 year ago#2
Is a tablet or netbook an option? Any reason for the 14" minimum?
J.O.B. Squad 4 life
1 year ago#3
chase1234life posted...
14" minimum?

Mostly to match her old laptop. She types often enough that a keyboard will be necessary. Might be able to settle for something smaller if there are any remarkable deals. Staples had a chromebook for $179 on BF I'm kicking myself for missing.
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