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Anything to look for when buying a ssd?

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User Info: teknic1200

3 years ago#31
xcmon3yx2 posted...
emblem boy posted...
Anything specific? Thinking of getting one. Was going to look for a 1TB internal for around $50-60, but now im thinking ill just get an ssd to use with my current 250gig. I don't really save much stuff so I'm sure space capacity isn't a big issue for me which is why I'm just going to stick with the 250 I have.

For the ssd though, I'm thinking ill try to find a 120gig and the lowest price I'm seeing for that seems to be around 70. Is there anything species in speed or brand name that I should be on the lookout for? I'm noticing that they are 2.5". Will I need to buy some sort of enclosure if I use it in my desktop?

write 450mbps+
read 500mbps+

You need a 256 GB drive or bigger to get these speeds! The smaller drives go half the speed.

Do to the nature of my work I'm doing a lot of performance testing.

The Samsung drives do eek out a little more speed.
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