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I hate asking this but I need to.

#1BlueFlameBatPosted 12/2/2013 11:35:10 PM
It's like going to the dentist; I don't want to hear whatever bad news (and lectures about the importance of flossing more), but it's better to assess the situation now before it gets worse.
So is this a problem?
This occasionally happens about fifteen minutes later whenever the computer fails to go into sleep mode. I'd taken this in to be checked repeatedly while it was under warranty, but they kept telling me they found no hardware issues. Usually the computer goes to sleep successfully, and when I turn it back on after this does happen, I don't notice any problems. I'm not sure I can trust Micro Center though, or anyone who checks my stuff because it's covered by warranty and tells me there are no issues. None of you are bound by this computer's warranty though, and even if you were, that warranty is expired.
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