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Last game you beated?

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User Info: bsballa09

3 years ago#11
Super Meat Boy.
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User Info: akuma634

3 years ago#12
Bioshock Infinite

User Info: mrsacky

3 years ago#13
Saint's row 4, loved every minute of it.

User Info: Senkoy

3 years ago#14
Beated? Really?
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User Info: bakstabbin

3 years ago#15
baldurs gate again. decided i wanted to play it again after some guy cried over how he walked off the path and got destroyed by the dire wolf in the first area

User Info: fuzzyman

3 years ago#16
Skyrim? I never did all the guild quests with my 1st character, my 2nd is level 70 something and pretty well complete

User Info: spud_almighty

3 years ago#17
Beated... really? Even my 5 year old pointed out that was wrong. Well done.

Last game I "beated" was Saints Row The Third.

User Info: Sc24life

3 years ago#18
about 15 minutes, give or take
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User Info: FoxtheSly

3 years ago#19
Splinter Cell Blacklist
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User Info: Revenanced

3 years ago#20
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
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