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How much would it cost to make a non gaming computer on par with the Ps4?

#1CrayCrayFishPosted 12/4/2013 2:46:18 PM
#2DerPancakePosted 12/4/2013 2:47:04 PM
To play it safely you can get a good one with $500.

You can also get it for $400, but it will require some uknown brands.
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#3ClouddxPosted 12/4/2013 2:47:18 PM
A $500 Steambox
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#4gsf4lyfePosted 12/4/2013 2:48:15 PM
I'm not sure I even understand what you're asking. So you basically want a computer that can stream Netflix and play Blu-Rays?
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#5ViperEO2Posted 12/4/2013 2:49:04 PM
Why would you even need a non-gaming computer with similiar power to a PS4? $600 can get you a solid computer better than a PS4.
#6CrayCrayFish(Topic Creator)Posted 12/4/2013 2:52:02 PM
Guys....what even is a computer?
#7ClouddxPosted 12/4/2013 2:53:59 PM
Quote:Guys....what even is a computer?

Idk why don't you tell us your definition of a computer?
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#8CrayCrayFish(Topic Creator)Posted 12/4/2013 3:13:07 PM
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#9ClouddxPosted 12/4/2013 3:13:35 PM
And officially a troll topic.
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#10Skul_Posted 12/4/2013 3:16:49 PM
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