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Baldurs gate, Icewind dale and neverwinter nights, which would you recommend?

#21NingishzidaPosted 12/6/2013 10:14:16 PM(edited)
dekou posted...
1) BG2
2) NWN2
3) BG1
4) NWN1, with expansions
5) IWD 1&2
6) NWN1, without expansions

I don't think you need to play BG1 before BG2. If you've got a lot of time, you could play both, but BG1 hasn't aged well and isn't essential to BG2's story. NWN1 has a horrible original campaign, but its expansions are quite decent and it has some great user-created content.

NWN2 is just a solid game, now that it's patched and can be maxed easily. Storm of Zehir and Mask of the Betrayer are both great in their own ways, although Zehir is pretty experimental and is not great as a story-focused experience.

Just listen to this guy, EXCEPT for the bolded parts which are utter nonsense.

Bold1: Hordes of the Underdark is excellent if you like epic builds and story
Bold2: yawn
Bold3: i wouldn't call a 3d IWD with overland map and mercantile sub-game "experimental", the title is solid and traditional D&D experience overall - in fact, it's less "experimental" than MotB (spirit meter, influence sys, unusual setting, story and chars)

It should be said also that NWN and NWN2 have some impressive user-made modules that put modern efforts by "pros" to shame.

NWN: Darkness Over Daggerford, and anything by Abaddon, Adam Miller, Stefan Gagne, akkei, and alazander

NWN2: Harp and Crysanthemum and Subtlety of Thay

There are thousands of mods, and a few hundred in the Hall of Fame

Keep you going for literally years...