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Cheap graphics card to replace AMD Radeon HD 8570D?

#1_Vuvuzela_Posted 12/6/2013 7:14:20 PM(edited)
The last card I bought was a 6800 GS back in 2005 so I'm looking for something inexpensive to put in a new pc and take the stress off that integrated chip.
#2_Vuvuzela_(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2013 7:45:02 AM
#3chris121691Posted 12/7/2013 7:46:24 AM
How inexpensive?
#4_Vuvuzela_(Topic Creator)Posted 12/7/2013 10:22:23 AM
Maybe $60.
#5PepsiWithCokePosted 12/7/2013 10:36:51 AM
_Vuvuzela_ posted...
Maybe $60.